Projects for improvement of finance awareness

Project for “Improvement of finance awareness of female entrepreneurs in the rural areas”

Since 2015 JSCB “Hamkоrbank” conducted a series of seminars on “Improvement of finance awareness of female entrepreneurs in the rural areas”, dedicated to improve financial awareness of female entrepreneurs in the rural areas.

In total, over 1500 female participants and women who start their businesses took part in the seminars. In addition, during the seminars the possibilities of the financial services, which are provided for the first-time entrepreneurs, were demonstrated. A brochure was designed specifically for that activity, in which advantages of the various bank products used during the process of starting and developing of any business are described in detail.

Issuance “My financial literacy” brochure

In 2015, JSCB “Hamkorbank” designed and issued “My financial literacy” brochure.

This brochure contains necessary information on undertaking entrepreneurial activities, namely, the form of ownership, procedures for undergoing the state registration, taxation, relations with commercial banks, and bank products and services.

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