Savings Deposit

Hammabop 21

  • 15 месяцев срок вклада
  • 21% процентная ставка
  • от 500 000 сум минимальный размер вклада

Рассчитать доходность вклада

* Внимание, калькулятор не гарантирует абсолютной точности расчетов.
  • итоговая сумма вклада с процентами
  • ежемесячная сумма процентов
  • 21%процентная ставка годовых

Last Updated: 20.12.2023


Deposit Terms

  • An additional investment is allowed
  • The partial expenditure of the deposit is provided
  • Monthly interest payment transferred to client's mobile account
  • In case of deposit withdrawal earlier than 13 months period interest on the deposit is paid at the rate of 21% APR
  • After the end of the deposit period, funds are automatically credited to the client’s mobile account.

Please note that funds received from third parties may be credited to the deposit account, indicating the necessary information about the account, unless otherwise stated by the deposit agreement.

Important! The bank does not have the right to unilaterally change the conditions fixed by the deposit agreement, unless otherwise stated by the state law.

Hamkorbank guarantees its depositors the observance of bank secrecy, as well as ensuring timely repayment of funds. The guarantee of your deposits is provided by the Fund of Guarantee Citizens' Deposits in Banks according to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 5, 2002 No. 360-II "On guarantees of protection of citizens' deposits in banks". Your income from deposits is not subject to taxation.

Personal Deposits:

Opening a deposit account

Free of Charge

Crediting funds received from other deposits

Free of Charge

Deduction in cash of funds from deposits received for business trips, pensions, financial assistance, bonuses, wages and equivalent payments of employees of branches and the Head Bank

Free of Charge

Transfer of non-cash funds received from other settlement accounts:


To Hamkorbank debit card opened in the name of the depositor

Free of Charge


Transfer to other current accounts in non-cash form

0,5 %

Withdrawal of cash received in non-cash form from other accounts


Cash deduction from the deposit account received from debit cards within one branch


Deduction of funds in cash and non-cash forms from the savings accounts and term deposits stored for at least 2 (two) months.

Free of Charge

Deduction of funds in cash received for participation in the auction


Replacement of filled savings account book with a new one

Free of Charge

Replacement of lost or stolen savings account book

Free of Charge

Issuance of written information about the deposit account to the depositor, the heir or his legal representative

100 000 sums

One-time personal cash payments*


Up to 300 000 (three hundred thousand) sums

5 %


From 300 001 (three hundred thousand one) sums up to 500 000 (five hundred thousand) sums

3 %


From 500 001 (five hundred thousand one) up to 2 000 000 (two million) sums

1 %


From 2 000 001 (two million one) sum up to 5 000 000 (five million) sums

0,5 %


5 000 000 (five million) sums and above

0,2 %


Money transfers to organizations whose beneficiaries are budgetary and corporate organizations ****

Free of Charge

Transfer of funds credited in cash to deposit and other settlement accounts:


To the Hamkorbank current accounts

Free of Charge


Transfer to accounts in other banks

0,5 %

Transfer of funds to other settlement accounts (credited to the settlement accounts of the deposit), which is the down payment paid by individuals when applying for a mortgage and car loan

Free of Charge


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