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HamkorPay Internet Acquiring

HamkorPay e-commerce payment service from Hamkorbank - good interest rates and according to your requirements. Start online sales with us today!

HamkorPay is a payment system that accepts online payments from bank cards issued by all banks in the Republic of Uzbekistan. You can accept payments via website, Telegram bot or mobile application.

The HamkorPay payment system provides ample opportunities and convenience for online shopping. Whether you are creating an e-commerce platform, owning an online store, delivery service, hospitality business, or selling your products through Instagram and Facebook, it doesn't matter, the HamkorPay user-friendly interface and rich functionality will make your product the best for your customers.

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HamkorPay Service Features

  • Withdrawing funds from all Humo and UzCard bank cards;
  • Refunds and cancellations of payments (partial and full refunds);
  • Payments on hold;
  • Clearing 3 times a day (funds are credited to the client’s main account);
  • Convenient personal account ;
  • Reports and analytics;
  • Fast and secure integration;
  • Payments using a phone number;
  • Fiscal receipt issuance.

From 0.7% up to 1% based on agreement with the client.

HamkorPay payment system, allowas make a payment not only by using bank card but also by entering client's phone number. A tax receipt is created for each payment.

Your safety is very important to us. HamkorPay payment methods and security are fully comply with PCI DSS requirements.

How to Apply for HamkorPay

Contact the service partner’s office and sign an agreement

Last Updated: 03.11.2023

Удобный контроль за своими средствами

Free transfers
up to 5 000 000 sums
in HAMKOR app

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Управляйте несколькими картами одновременно

Free delivery
of HUMO card

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 Оформляйте и управляйте вкладами в режиме онлайн

Fiscal check for each
money transfer and payment

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Оплачивайте услуги не выходя из дома или офиса

Free emission of
VISA Classic Card
in HAMKOR app

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