Mission and Strategy of the Bank

Bank mission

Maximum client satisfaction by providing high-quality and technologically advanced banking products and services, as a reliable partner

Vision of the Bank

  • The best partner for clients
  • The best employer for employees
  • The best business for shareholders

Strategic Goals

  • Strengthening the market position
  • Increasing the efficiency of activities
  • Creating an advanced ecosystem

Priority areas

  • Developing retail banking
  • Supporting small and medium enterprises
  • Enhancing treasury operations

Key initiatives

  • Centralization
  • Transformation
  • Optimization
  • Digitalization

Growth of assets and capital

Increase in assets by at least 2 times and the amount of capital by 2.4 times for the next 3 years.


Generating net profit in the amount of 1.8 trillion Uzbek sum over 3 years and achieving the ratio of return on capital at least to 25%

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