Salary Project

Last Updated: 14.11.2018

Benefits of Salary Project
For the company
  • Signifacant cash transactions reduction cost due to cash flow decrease.
  • Payroll is issued at a time and on time to all employees, regardless of their location (leave, travel, regional branch)
  • Collection costs reduction
  • Simplified Accounting
  • Increased security and control of payment processing as well as confidentiality of payroll processing and issuance
For employees
  • Non-cash payment for goods and services
  • Safety and security of funds
  • Management of the card transaction and settlements via SMS-notification service
How to apply for the salary project bank cards
  1. Submit written application
  2. Provide an approved staff list
  3. Each employee will be required to: submit an application for an account opening, copy of the passport, as well as sign a contract with the bank to use a bank card
  4. To sign an agreement with the bank for the implementation of the salary project
Bank services for the maintenance of the salary project
  • Bank card issuance - free of charge;
  • Transfer of wages to a bank card (except funds allocated to budget organizations, pensions and scholarships) - 0.1%.

Useful information

The users of this service range from small to large enterprises and organizations on the republican scale.

The service is provided regardless of the number of employees of the organisation.

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