Remote Access Services

With the help of remote services Hamkorbank, you can make banking operations at any time of the day and anywhere in the world. Choose the most convenient for you format of communication with the bank!

  • Remote account management, transactions, balance and history of account transactions;
  • Conversion transactions of foreign currencies;
  • Buying and selling of foreign currency;
  • Foreign currency payments  via SWIFT system; 
  • Payments via MUNIS system;
  • Sending all types of financial documents to the bank, working in a single interface with different settlement accounts located in different branches;
  • Electronic sending of payroll project registers (for corporate clients);
  • Review of files 1 and 2 registers, obtaining information on blocked accounts, obtaining information on loans, handling deposits, obtaining information on exchange rates, as well as real-time monitoring of banking services via internet and mobile phone.
  • Subscriber fee for remote account servicing* - 60,000 sums
  • Connection and reconnection to remote service systems (internet banking, mobile banking, sms-notifications) - Free of Charge
  • In case of loss or invalidation of the electronic key by the client - 250,000 soums

Please Note: Subscription fees are charged for the current month’s debit turnover, excluding transactions related to mandatory payments to the State budget and other off-budget funds, payment of interest rates and loan fees.

  • Application for service registaration
  • Sign an agreement

Requirements for Clients

Services of the Internet and mobile banking can be used by legal entities, as well as individual entrepreneurs without formation of a legal entity that are clients of the bank. In this case, clients must have an electronic-digital signature, according to the law «On electronic-digital signatures».

Last Updated: 14.02.2022 г.

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