Safe Deposit Boxes Hamkorbank safe deposit boxes - guarantee of reliability, confidentiality and convenience!

Last Updated: 12.02.2024

Hamkorbank offers rental of deposit boxes for storing cash, jewelry, securities, documents, works of art, electronic media and other valuables that do not contradict the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The service is available for corporate and individual clients.

Millions of business people around the world use bank deposit boxes regularly. When going on vacation, on a long business trip, or just to be sure of the safety of the valuables at your disposal, you can use the deposit boxes of Hamkorbank.

The Bank has equipped the storage cells with modern technical means that fully meet international requirements and standards that will ensure the inviolability of the contents of the cells. The Bank guarantees the confidentiality of the contents of the safe, as well as the non-dissemination of information about the fact of renting a bank safe to other customers and third parties. When valueables are embedded in a cell, an inventory is not compiled. The client manages valuable inventory independently. Access to the valuables of third parties (including bank employees) is excluded. nhn

Benefits of Bank Deposit Boxes

# Confidentiality of investments in a safe
# Security of invested property
# Economical

The Guarantee Service

The Guarantee service is a secure settlements service between the buyer and sellers in transactions with movable and immovable property using a bank deposit box. 

The storage room is equipped with the most modern security and fire protection systems. Access to an individual bank safe is constantly monitored by the bank's security service, which allows for maximum security of valuables or documents stored in the cell.

The minimum term for renting a cell using the Guarantee service is a 1 month, as this is considered the optimal period for real estate transactions.

The price of the Guarantee secure settlement service using a bank deposit box starts from 100,000 sums.


Loss (non-return) of the key to the safe deposit box by the client or damage to the safe deposit box will lead to the fine of 50% of the minimum wage.

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