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YooMoney Identification

  • The YooMoney e-wallet can be identified in all 153 offices of Hamkorbank branch banking offices.

  •  A passport and an e-wallet number should be provided to identify the wallet.

  • Identified users will have an access to all wallet features, including payments around the world, money transfers to other wallets, to cards and bank accounts.

  • Verification Fee - 30 000 sums

Last Updated: 10.05.2024

Удобный контроль за своими средствами

Free transfers
up to 5 000 000 sums
in HAMKOR app

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Управляйте несколькими картами одновременно

Free delivery
of HUMO card

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 Оформляйте и управляйте вкладами в режиме онлайн

Fiscal check for each
money transfer and payment

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Оплачивайте услуги не выходя из дома или офиса

Free emission of
VISA Classic Card
in HAMKOR app

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