Financial Literacy

Joint Stock Commercial Bank “Hamkorbank” actively perform the work on implementation of knowledge and skills in the area of finance, which allows individuals to correctly assess the situation at the market and to take reasonable decisions.

Now that financial services have taken sophisticated forms and characteristics, the consumers (users) face difficult problems, which they are not always ready to solve. This is often associated with the lack of financial literacy of the citizens, skills in planning the household budgets and in taking of the balanced decisions on using financial products and services.

In this regard, in addition to introduction of accessible financial services, JSCB “Hamkorbank” undertakes the activities to extend the opportunities of individuals for using modern banking products.

Project for “Improvement of finance awareness of female entrepreneurs in the rural areas”

JSCB “Hamkorbank” held a series of seminars on the topic “The role of banks in improving the financial literacy of women entrepreneurs”, aimed at improving the financial literacy of women entrepreneurs in rural areas.

In total, more than 1,500 women entrepreneurs and start-up women attended the workshops. Also, during the seminar, the possibilities of financial services that are provided to start-up entrepreneurs were demonstrated. Specially for this event a booklet was developed, which describes in detail the advantages of a particular banking product in the process of establishing and developing a business.

Release of the brochure “My Financial Literacy”

JSCB “Hamkorbank” developed and published the brochure “My financial literacy”. This brochure contained the necessary information about the introduction of entrepreneurial activity, that is, the form of ownership of entrepreneurship, the procedure for passing state registration, taxation of activities, relationships with commercial banks, as well as banking products and services.

Global money week

JSCB "Hamkorbank" took part in the international week Global Money Week - an annual event to increase public attention to the issues of financial education, financial literacy and financial inclusion of children and youth, which is held by the international organization Child and Youth Finance International.

As part of this event, throughout the Republic, bank employees held many seminars on the topic “The role of banks in improving the financial literacy of young people”, aimed at improving the financial literacy of young people. More than 2,000 young people aged from 15 to 21 took part in these seminars.

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