Financial institutions

Actively participating in the market of inter-bank loans, the OJSCB Hamkorbank undertakes its activities by raising and allocating short-term inter-bank loan funds on regular basis.

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"Hamkorbank" cooperates in the market of interbank loans not only with the banks of the Republic of Uzbekistan, but also with the banks of Europe, the CIS, including the banks of the Russian Federation. Interest rates and the number of attracted and placed interbank loans are set based on supply and demand in the national and international financial markets.

Correspondent relations

One of the components of the development strategy of the Bank is to establish correspondent relations actively and to increase the number of the counterparties both in the internal and in the external market.

Efficient liquidity management is important condition for building up the correspondence relations. It is implemented by regulating the balances of the funds on the correspondent accounts of the Bank and those of the branches and by carrying out operations for raising and for allocating the funds in the financial markets and by carrying out operations in the securities market.

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In doing so, Hamkorbank follows the following principles:

  • Perfect settlements system
  • Transparency, reliability and stability of correspondent banks
  • Minimum commissions in making payments at the shorter periods
  • Loyalty and suitability of the network of correspondents for the business interests of the clients
  • Guarantee of effective and reliable allocation of balances of available funds

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