Humo Visa co-badged debit cards

Humo Visa co-badged debit cards

Debit Cards in National Currency

  • 30 000 sumsCard Issuance

Last updeted: 06.04.2022

Humo Visa Co-badged Debit Card

Two cards is awesome, and two in one is even better! 

Meet our special Visa Humo co-badged debit card which combines all the advantages of the two payment systems.

The debit card can be used both in Uzbekistan and abroad, as well as pay for purchases in your favorite online stores.

The card is equipped with an NFC module, which allows you to make contactless payments

  • Wide network ATMs and information kiosks
  • Flexible tariffs for funds transfer
  • Online payments via Hamkor Mobile App

  • Make an application for issuing Uzcard Debit Card within any branch or office nationwide
  • Sign an Uzcard cardholder agreement  
  • Copy of your passport
In case of loss of the card you need the bank's help to block it. This can be done in one of the following ways:

  1. Contact the bank office where your card was issued.An identity document will be required to process your enquiry.
  2. Contact the bank's call center at 1256 or 0 800 1 200 200 (from abroad). To block the card through the bank's call center, you will need to provide the operator the "code word" that was specified in the debit card registration agreement.
  3. Using the Hamkor Mobile app only if the lost or stolen card was registered in the Hamkor Mobile application. You can block your card in the "My Cards" section.

In order to reissue or unlock the card, it is necessary to contact the bank office where the debit card was issued with an identity document.

Удобный контроль за своими средствами

Free transfers
up to 5 000 000 sums
in HAMKOR app

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Управляйте несколькими картами одновременно

Free delivery
of HUMO card

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 Оформляйте и управляйте вкладами в режиме онлайн

Fiscal check for each
money transfer and payment

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Оплачивайте услуги не выходя из дома или офиса

Free emission of
VISA Classic Card
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