Online Microloan

  • Up to 36 monthsLoan Terms
  • Good Interest Rates
  • Up to 50 mln sumsLoan Amount

Last updated: 22.01.2024

Online Microloan

In need of urgent money? Apply for a microloan online via Hamkor App! Get an online microloan instantly.

Loan Terms

  • Loan Amount

    Up to 50 million sums

  • Annual Interest Rate

    Up to 12 months – 32 %

    Up to 24 months – 36%

    Up to 36 months – 40%

  • The Form of Provision

    Transfer to debit card

  • The Form of Collateral

    Allocated without collateral

  • How to Apply?

    Via Hamkor mobile application

  • Repayment Frequency

    Monthly repayment of principal and interest amount

Important conditions related to other financial obligations

1. The amount of the increased interest rate paid on the loan amount due to late repayment of the loan debt (if such condition exists)

Pays interest in an amount 1.5 times higher than the interest specified in the agreement.

2. Collateral of the loan (minimum requirements for the subject of collateral, minimum cost of collateral)

The income of the borrower

You have the right to receive complete and detailed information from the bank about the terms and amount of the loan, about the procedure for payment and settlement (interest, fines and penalties), about Your rights and obligations under the loan agreement, about the loan agreement about possible risks and responsibilities, as well as other issues that are unclear to you.

If you have complaints, you can send your appeal to 1256 or the email address.

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Please note that the interest amount of the loan is calculated based on the nominal interest rate, and the full cost of the loan indicates how much the loan will cost if interest amounts and other types of payments are paid on time and in the prescribed amount.

The procedure for calculating the full cost of the loan can be found at:

The nominal interest rate of this loan can be changed by the bank, and the rate change will be agreed with the borrower.

Loan Calculator

* Please note that the calculator does not guarantee absolute accuracy of calculations.


* The full cost of a loan is understood as the interest rate in a reliable, annual and effective calculation, which takes into account the borrower's payments related to obtaining a loan. The calculation of the full cost of the loan includes the borrower's payments, including payments in favor of third parties, if the borrower's obligation for such payments follows from the terms of the agreement and (or) if the issuance of the loan is dependent on making such payments.

How to Apply for the Loan

To Apply for the Loan, Please Visit your Nearest Bank Branch.
For More Information Please Call

Звонок по Узбекистану бесплатно 0-800-1-200-2000-800-1-200-200Toll-free Call within Uzbekistan


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