Code of Ethics

Relationships with customers and business partners:
  • Our relationships with customers, business partners are based on the principles of integrity, honesty, professionalism, mutual trust and respect, the priority of customers’ interests, the inviolability of obligations, full disclosure of necessary information, the priority of the arrangements before the court trial.
  • Bank aspires to the highest standards of customer service, while protecting the interests of each of them.
  • Bank declares its commitment and adheres to the principles of fair competition, active participation in combating the legalization (anti-money laundering) of profit from crime.
  • Bank does not disclose information about transactions, accounts and deposits of customers and business partners, and other information that may damage the reputation and other tangible or intangible material interests of customers, business partners, if such disclosure is not required by law of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • Bank adheres to the principle of neutrality with respect to, political parties and associations, conducting its activities in the interests of customers and shareholders. Employees may be politically active, being members of political parties, associations and unions, created and existing under the law. However, the activity should remain outside the bank, and should not be at odds with the interests of the bank or in conflict with work responsibilities, or carried out during working hours.
  • Bank sees its customers in all population groups, enterprises of all forms of ownership in all sectors of the economy, public administration institutions. The bank protects the interests of each customer, eliminating discrimination based on political, religious or national motives.
  • Bank faithfully fulfills its obligations in respect of customers and strives to provide high quality services, respectfully, honestly and openly working with the customer.
  • Bank conducts all transactions on behalf of its customers professionally and conscientiously to ensure fulfillment of customer orders at the best way in the shortest possible time.
  • Bank supports all customers by delivering full information about the changes, improvements and opportunities of service system in the Bank on time, as well as provides possible alternatives (professional advice), and ensures the completeness and accessibility of information to the customer.
  • Bank strives to maintain consistent service quality, scrutinize emerging conflicts and difficulties timely and carefully, resolves claims and customer complaints.
  • Employee of the Bank shall make every effort to minimize any risks to the customer, business partner.
  • Employee of the Bank does not provide services to customers and business partners with hidden preferences and benefits.
  • Employee of the Bank does not accept, transfer money to third parties of customers, business partners, their representatives, or persons of refined and does not enter into contracts with third parties that provide the right to receive cash as compensation for acting as a member of the Bank. Bank employees should avoid any charges that may be construed as a bribe. Such payments are contrary to the rules and principles of the bank operations.
  • Employee of the Bank does not accept or transfer any form of gifts from customers, business partners, their representatives and refined people via third parties, if such actions create a conflict of personal and corporate interests.
  • Employee of the Bank shall not be entitled to conduct research and to evaluate the Customer, a business partner on behalf of the Bank, Bank structures, unless it is related to the performance of his duties at the Bank

Relationships between the bank and its employees:
  • Bank builds relationships with its employees on the principles of long-term cooperation and mutual respect and strict enforcement of mutual obligations.
  • The Bank regards strengthening and improvement of human resources as well as the organization of effective team work as foundations of the long-term sustainable development. Development of corporate culture at the Bank is aimed to upgrade the responsibility and independence of employees, to create a sense of ownership of each employee in carrying out the mission of the Bank and the challenges its’ strategic objectives.
  • It is valuable to form a team of professionals capable of solving complex problems in the bank. Each employee is a member of the team, the work of each is considered as a contribution to the common cause, the success of the Bank depends on the professionalism, integrity and quality of each employee.
  • Each employee is responsible for his or her activities within the scope of responsibilities, decisions and certain duties. Increasing the responsibility and independency through the introduction of professional training standards is considered as a significant factor in employee motivation by the Bank.
  • Bank aims to create conditions enabling every employee to develop and apply their creative abilities, to upgrade the level of their training. The Bank's management encourages employee’s initiative aimed to improve business processes and management systems.
  • Bank considers a system of payment as well as payout of benefits as one of the main elements of employees’ motivation to achieve high performance and strives to maintain the level of salary corresponding to the branch level and which is adequate to final result of the activity.
  • Bank pays constant attention to employees’ health and safety of their labor. At hiring stage it is excluded the possibility of discrimination on political, religious, national and other, unrelated to the professional qualities, motives.
  • Bank creates its relationships with employees based on mutual respect of interests, balancing rights and responsibilities of staff in accordance with applicable labor law.
  • Bank does not tolerate any insult to human dignity as expressed in any form or by any mean
  • Any fact on insulting or humiliating behavior through the actions expressed by a bank employee can be submitted by the employee to the commission on corporate ethics for further consideration.
  • Bank staff should not use office equipment, copiers, printers, stationery, internet, communication tools, information and network resources of the Bank for personal use. Bank may establish appropriate services and facilities to control the execution of this Code paragraph by employees of the Bank.
  • Bank encourages the development of risk management culture. Employees of the Bank at carrying out their duties pay particular attention to possible risks. Employees of the Bank inform their supervisor and employee on bank risk management about risks that may result in loss to the Bank.
  • Bank employees must follow the principles of advancing the interests of the bank and its customers in prior to the employee's own interests.
  • Employee of the Bank shall promptly notify his/her supervisor about the case of proposal receipt and decision to move to another job.
  • Bank employees shall not execute a parallel activity for other employers, conduct their own business, perform separate work or orders from a third party, such activities should not affect, interfere, enter into conflict with job duties of the staff.
  • Employee of the Bank does not permit the development of situations that may cause damage to goodwill, other intangible and tangible interests of the Bank and its’ subsidiaries and affiliated entities.
  • In order to ensure the effectiveness of the bank the employees should reject malpractices, to help relatives and countryman in hiring and promotion. The Bank is guided by the principle of competitiveness and professionalism skills in selecting and promoting of job candidates.
  • Employee of the Bank shall make and keep all records that contain proprietary information in full accordance with the law of the given Code, the Bank's internal documents, should not disclose or otherwise disseminate proprietary information about the Bank and customer which is not subject to disclosure, and does not use proprietary information for personal purposes or interests of affiliated person.
  • For disclosure of official secrets a person who has access to bank information due to his/her duty, shall be liable in accordance with law.
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