Environmental policy

Environmental and social policy of JSCB "Hamkorbank" in relations with clients 


Chapter 1. General Provisions 

Chapter 2. Bank requirements for environmental and social policy 

Chapter 3. Final Provisions


JSCB "Hamkorbank" believes in sustainable development as a fundamental aspect of sound business management and strives to effectively address environmental and social issues. JSCB "Hamkorbank" began its activity in Andijan in 1991, and has now formed an extensive network of branches covering all administrative regions of the Republic. JSCB "Hamkorbank" is one of the best banks in providing high quality environmental and social services to our clients, creating a stable business. The bank grows together with clients, partners and stakeholders to benefit everyone.

The Bank views sustainable development as a fundamental aspect of good business management and will comply with the norms adopted by the world's leading banks on environmental and social protection. The Bank will continue to systematically integrate environmental aspects into its business.


Chapter 1. General Provisions 

1.    This policy is a description of the procedures that are implemented in the general management of the Bank to ensure sustainable development. This policy complies with the requirements of national legislation and seeks to warn and prevent potential negative impacts on the environment and people.

2.    This document has been developed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, such as the “Civil Code”, “Labor Code”, “City Planning Code” “On Environmental Protection”, “On Environmental Expertise”, “On Environmental Control”.


Chapter 2. Bank requirements for environmental and social policy

3.    The bank's environmental and social policy is aimed at meeting the following requirements:

a)   compliance with applicable national environmental and social norms of Uzbekistan and other requirements as appropriate. The Bank will develop, implement and maintain environmental and social management systems in accordance with its commitments and beliefs and in accordance with international best practice. The Bank will contribute to the continuous improvement of environmental and social risk management by setting and revising targets, assessing and reporting on environmental and social performance and providing employees with appropriate training;

b)   the belief that all financial projects are considered and evaluated using a list of prohibited financing activities, in accordance with the requirements of the Legislative Acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan and International Financial Institutions;

c)    making every effort to ensure that all projects are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation in the environmental and social management system of JSCB "Hamkorbank" on an ongoing basis, that is, throughout the entire financing period;

d)   promoting a positive environmental and social culture in JSCB "Hamkorbank" through effective communication, participation and consultation with its employees in the workplace. ensuring the identification, assessment and definition of priority environmental and social issues in the workplace;

e)   dialogue with all concerned parties (employees, customers, government agencies, communities in which it works) about the progress and effectiveness of the Environmental and Social Management System;

f)     provision of the necessary resources for effective risk management in the field of the Environmental and Social Management System.


Chapter 3. Final Provisions


4.    The Bank will measure and report progress with respect to this Policy and periodically review its effectiveness to ensure ongoing management of health protection, safety and the environment. The content and implementation of this policy will be periodically reviewed and appropriate measures taken, including the exchange of best practices at the Head Office and branches of JSCB "Hamkorbank".

5.    Compliance with the requirements of this Policy is mandatory for the relevant structural divisions of the Bank.

6.    Monitoring compliance with the Provisions in the environmental and social management system is carried out by the Lending and Underwriting Department in terms of the actions of structural divisions, the Corporate Secretary of the Bank in terms of the actions of the sole and collegial management bodies, as well as the Internal Audit Service as part of an independent assessment of the banking risk management system.

7.    This Policy and changes to it are subject to approval by the Councils of the Bank.

8.    The environmental and social policy is subject to planned revision as necessary in case of changes in the Bank's approaches in response to changes in the requirements of the legislation, the Bank's business strategy, organizational structure of risk management, other factors of the internal and external environment, as well as taking into account the results of an independent assessment of the risk management system.


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